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25+ Amazing Cricut Christmas Ideas!

Hello Daydreamers!

Are you ready to start crafting for Christmas?

I hope so because, in this article, I want to inspire and challenge you with beautiful ideas and projects you can make quickly with your Cricut!

Most of the projects you’ll see here today serve two purposes. You can use them to decorate your home or give them away as small Christmas presents.

Assorted Christmas projects made with cricut.

I have tutorials for most of the projects, so check them out so you can learn how to make them. I will also share some tips and tricks I found to work with each craft, which I think will benefit you.

I also have some affiliate links for products I purchased that you may be interested in.

By the way…

It took me over 100 hours to complete this post, and I would love to see you as a follower on Instagram and as a subscriber on YouTube!

Are you ready?

Let’s Daydream Into Reality!

1. Christmas Oven Mittens

Can we agree that one of the things we use the most during the holidays is the oven?

Cookies, pie, ham, turkey, etc. (I am already getting hungry.) How about personalizing some oven mittens with iron-on?

If you decide to do this project, make sure you get mittens with a smooth surface. Don’t use mittens with seams because they interfere with the transfer process.

Learn how to work with iron-on in this ultimate guide

2. Christmas Apron

Personalized aprons are so much fun, and they are the perfect finishing touch for baking cookies for Christmas and other special holidays.

There are many aprons on Amazon, but I bought one from Michaels. It was already prewashed, so I didn’t have to wash it beforehand.

'Tis the season for baking made with cricut Christmas Apron

For this apron, I used foil iron-on!

Isn’t it so cute?

3. Christmas Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels don’t have to be boring!

You can add your personal touch to them. I love the designs I used on both towels. “Christmas Calories don’t count” and “Christmas baking crew.”

I made some kitchen towels in the past for fall, and I didn’t give them any special treatment and by that, I used them for cleaning counters, drying up hands, etc.

I did this to see how “fragile” the project would be, and to my surprise, everything stayed in place.

Don’t they look cute? It is also a perfect present for someone who loves baking and all things Christmas.

You can read how to make tea towels with Cricut here. The file, however, is available in the link I left in the black box at the beginning of this tutorial.

4. Christmas Table Setting with Cricut

There are so many things you can make with your Cricut to have a beautiful Christmas dinner, brunch, you name it!

My mother-in-law, who also happens to have a blog (show her some love by visiting her website) and has a fantastic taste for decorating, helped me set up the table.

Check out her other Christmas decorating tips.

Can you spot everything I made with the Cricut for this project?

table setting for Christmas with Cricut

Let’s take a closer look!

5. Christmas Cake Toppers

Cake toppers don’t always have to go on a cake!

What about placing the topper in a vase along with some red flowers? I used artificial flowers, but you can also use real and fresh ones.

Read my step-by-step tutorial to learn all the tips and tricks on making Cake Toppers with your Cricut.

6. Christmas Party Favors

You can make party favors; people can take them home with them!

I bought these small jars on Amazon for this project and filled them with hard caramel candy. What makes this craft different are the gift tags around the jars.

Don’t you think?

They tie everything together.

You can also use these gift tags for your presents!

These gift tags have intricate cuts. Use a sticky mat and avoid thick and textured papers. Check out the step-by-step tutorial for the Christmas gift tags.

7. Christmas Plate Placement

Decorating table napkins will add the perfect touch to your Christmas dinner!

Everyone will be impressed!

I used white iron-on and pressed it at the bottom of the napkin.

Here are the Christmas sayings I used; you can download them at the end of the article.

  • ‘Tis the Season
  • Be Merry
  • Merry & Bright
  • Merry Christmas

I bought this set of napkins in Home Goods, but there are so many options on Amazon.

I used the Easypress Mini; you can read more about it here in my review and see some examples of its use.

8. Christmas Gift Box

Christmas is also a season of wrapping!

I recommend using at least a 12×12 in paper size for this gift box and increasing the width in Design Space to 11.5 inches.

Don’t use thick materials for the letters and decorations because Cricut has difficulty cutting them.

I used silver glitter cardstock for the box but very fine glitter cardstock for the letters.

Christmas Box made with Cricut

Important: The lines in the SVG (in the fall gallery at the end of this post) need to be changed from “Cut” to “Score.”

Check out my step-by-step tutorial to learn more about making and assembling boxes with your Cricut.

9. Christmas Photo Props

Light up your Christmas pictures with some fun and festive photo props!

Also, remember the cake toppers at the beginning of this article? You can use them for props as well! I designed two simple but cute props, a Santa and Elf hat!

You can have fun combining different types of cardstock with other kinds of paper. I use glitter cardstock with corrugated paper.

Check out my photo prop tutorial.

10. Christmas Wood Sign

Making wood signs with your Cricut is a walk in the park.

I mean it!

I bought the wood from Michaels for less than 10 dollars; it was already painted and needed extra decor!

You can make stencils. However, you can use regular iron-on to save time and achieve excellent results. Check out how to apply HTV to the wood in this section of my iron-on guide.

My mother-in-law had the idea to put this sign on a small Christmas tree. I thought it was weird at first, but I have to say that I loved the idea.

What do you think?

11. Cookies for Santa Tray

A must-do project for Christmas is a “Cookies for Santa” tray!

I am from Colombia, and we don’t have any “Santa” traditions. I learned the “Cookies for Santa” tradition once I moved to the USA.

You can decorate a tray with adhesive vinyl.

I used removable red foil vinyl because I may want to use the tray for other purposes. However, you can use permanent adhesive vinyl if you want something more durable.

Cookies for Santa tray (made with the Cricut) and baked cookies

Keep in mind that vinyl is not food-safe!

Always use it for cold or room temperature dishes, and place parchment paper on top of the tray to isolate food from the vinyl.

To learn more, check out my iron-on vs. adhesive vinyl guide, which explains the basics of these two materials.

12. Christmas Hair Bows

Hairs bows are one of the cutest things you can make with your Cricut machine!

I get emails and tons of comments on my hair bow tutorial about how many of you have made them for your daughters, granddaughters, etc.

I figured, why not make them with Christmas colors?

The result? Well, I think they look pretty darn cute for Christmas Day!

I especially liked this black and golden bow; it looks so fancy and adorable!

(Advanced) Download the file and learn how to make hair bows.

13. Funny Christmas T-Shirts

Christmas T-shirts are a gift to your family; you can even make matching t-shirts.

I find these T-shirts so silly and light-hearted!

I love the one where it says Cookies for Momma, and Santa is crossed out! Sorry, Santa. This Christmas, the cookies are for me!

Can you spot the 8-month pregnant belly?

To learn how to make t-shirts with your Cricut using Iron-On, check out my tutorial step-by-step.

14. Christmas Baby Pajama/Onesie

Why not make some pajamas and baby suits for those of you who have babies or know someone who will have a little bundle during Christmas?

Look at these two cute ideas!

The pajamas are just small designs in the right corner, and the onesie is a full design.

Not all designs have to cover an entire shirt; sometimes, subtle, small details can make your outfits look adorable and professional.

15. Christmas Fireplace Decor

Can you spot everything I made with my Cricut to decorate this fireplace? With this incredible machine, you can work on multiple small projects to create a masterpiece.

Many things happen around a fireplace during Christmas, so show some love to that area of your home.

Fire place decorated for Christmas with Cricut

16. Christmas Believe Wooden Box

Look how great this wooden box is!

Like the wooden Christmas sign, I bought it at Michaels for less than 10 dollars and used black iron-on.

So easy!

Believe wooden box for Christmas

This little wooden box can be placed in many places—the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.!

17. Flameless Manger Candles

I also personalized these flameless candles with the nativity scene!

Something to remember and to keep in mind is that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, and this project brings the attention where it belongs the most.

The pictures can’t show how lovely these candles look!

Joy to the world manger candles made with Cricut

I used Cricut’s permanent frosted adhesive vinyl.

18. Personalized Christmas Stockings

Stockings are such a fun concept!

Again, I didn’t grow up with this tradition, but I want my children to grow up with it.

You can personalize the stockings with your family’s name. I kept it Mom, Dad, and Baby because I wanted to show you the main concept.

I bought these stockings on Amazon, and they feel high-quality. The font I used is called Scat Cat.

19. Christmas Banner

I love party banners!

They are easy to make and the cherry on top for any celebration.

For this banner, I used burlap and red glitter iron-on.

I learned many things from using burlap with my Cricut; the first is that nothing can prepare you for the mess, and the second is that you don’t cut intricate details.

If you use burlap, hide the tiny hanging holes using contour (read tutorial) in Cricut Design Space.

I don’t have a burlap tutorial yet, but this YouTube video will provide great tips. Check out my step-by-step banner tutorial if you decide to use regular paper.

20. Christmas Throw Pillow

What do you think about this Christmas throw pillow?

I love the design I used because it shows what Christmas is all about!

It’s perfect for decorating your living area and giving a present to someone who loves Christmas and decorating.

A savior has been born to you throw pillow customized with Cricut and iron-on

Do you like it?

21. Cozy Christmas Mugs

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa in the morning by the fire.

Wouldn’t you agree?

We can’t skip decorating some mugs to enjoy a warm holiday drink.

The real question for you is…

Are you on the nice or naughty list?

22. Christmas Planner Stickers

If you are a planner and love stationery and stickers, I designed these two beautiful Christmas Sticker Sheets you will love.

They are so festive and full of Christmas cheer that your planner will look ready for the holidays!

When you download these sticker sheets, you will notice they are in a PNG format because stickers are a “Print then Cut” project.

If you’ve never used Print then Cut, check out my complete guide.

Last but not least, for the best tips and tricks on making stickers with your Cricut machine, visit my step-by-step tutorial.

23. Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are one of the most popular projects you can make with your Cricut machine.

(Advanced) If you have any Cricut machines (Maker & Explore), I also have a super cool Christmas Card Tutorial with 12 free SVG files.

They are adorable and unique!

Important: If you download some of the Christmas cards in this article, don’t forget to change the lines from “Basic Cut” to “Score” and attach them to the card.

Also, if you have a Cricut Joy, I made a couple of their cards with the Card Mat and their insert cards. They are so easy to make; they take less than 5 minutes.

These ready-to-make projects are part of Cricut Access, which means you’ll need to pay a small fee to cut the card if you don’t have a membership.

If you don’t want to pay or want to make a card with your Cricut from scratch, I have a great tutorial to walk you through the basics.

24. Funny Christmas Socks

I have a love for socks I can’t explain!

The fact that I can personalize them with my Cricut for any occasion makes me even more obsessed with them.

I love milk and cookies so much, especially during those cold winter days!

Since English is my second language, I translated the phrase “Cookies and Milk,” as you say it in Spanish. My husband pointed out the small error after I finished the transfer.

No worries, though!

The download file has both options.

Don’t they look amazing?

Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to personalize socks with your Cricut.

25. Christmas Coasters with Infusible Ink

Coasters are another great project to make for the Christmas season!

You can use many techniques to make coasters with your Cricut; you can use wood and marble blanks.

I made these coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink and loved the result. They are so shiny, and there are multiple patterns to choose from.

Of course, since it’s Christmas, I used the black and red plaid sheets.

Working with Infused Ink can be tricky. A slight mistake can ruin your project and materials, which can be very expensive.

Check out my Infusible Ink Coaster tutorial for a straightforward tutorial.

26. Candle Gift Idea

I love candles; they are the perfect gift, and the coziness they bring to your home is inexplicable. There’s nothing better than a vanilla or maple syrup candle during the fall and winter seasons.

Usually, the candle stickers are a little cheesy! Let’s add some class with some adhesive vinyl.

Candle decorated for Christmas with Cricut

The file I used for this project is a Cricut image (#MC97D83F), but you can use any of my designs at the end of this article.

27. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments are such a fun project to do!

They are perfect for gifts and a very family-friendly project. You can sit with your family and make them in one afternoon.

How cool is that?

Plus, they are shiny and hold up well over time. After one year of being made, they look like new.

Check out my Christmas Ornament tutorial to see the step-by-step tutorial!

28. Advent Calendar

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is by counting the days leading up to it!

This Christmas Advent Calendar (Advanced) does that! My dad and I designed this beautiful project, and it took over 100 hours of work between design and test cuts so I could provide an amazing craft for you!

This project contains Bible verses for “Print and then Cut,” so you can fill the little boxes with yummy chocolates and the events leading to the birth of Christ!

Sharing is Caring

I hope you enjoyed this article. It is full of great ideas for decorating and giving away during Christmas. What’s your favorite project? Let me know in the comments down below.

Here’s a little picture of the behind-the-scenes featuring my mother-in-law setting the table!

You can’t imagine the mess and how tired I was.

behind the scenes working on Christmas article.
Discover over 25 delightful DIY Christmas gift ideas using your Cricut machine! Perfect for crafting for your kids and family and making memorable holiday surprises. Whether you're creating personalized gifts for family, friends, or teachers, these projects incorporate vinyl and cardstock to add a special touch to your holiday season. From custom ornaments to festive home decor, these easy projects are sure to bring joy. Get inspired and start crafting today!
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