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How to Make Stickers with your Cricut +Free Sticker Layout Templates

Hello Daydreamers!

Today you are going to learn how to make the most beautiful stickers with your Cricut Maker or Explore.


Not only will I teach you how to make your stickers from scratch, but I will also provide you with six different types of layouts that will help you build and create the most stunning stickers in the world.

Before we go into a step-by-step tutorial I want to give you a little preview of the things I will be covering for you on this article (I don’t want you to get lost).

  • Print then Cut: the option in Cricut Design Space that allows you to cut your stickers.
  • Overview of your machine specifications and size limits.
  • Step by Step tutorial How to Make Stickers within Cricut Design Space.
  • Examples of how to use the Free Templates I provided you with to Make Stickers.
Cricut Maker and Explore with three different sticker sheets
Let’s make these stickers together!

I am sure that If you follow this tutorial to the tee, you will be empowered to make stickers any time, for any occasion.

Are you ready?

Let’s Daydream Into Reality?

Tip: if you want to learn everything you need to know about iron-on (HTV) and master how to use it on different surfaces, make sure to check this amazing tutorial I put together.

What is Print then Cut and how does it relate to stickers?

“Print then Cut” is the option in Cricut Design Space that allows you to print your designs and then cut them with your machine.

There are two ways to tell your machine to Print then Cut. The first one is by changing the “Operation” from “Basic Cut” to “Standard.” The second one is flattening the layers with the “Flatten” tool located at the layers panel’s end.

For best practices and zero frustrations, don’t worry about this during your design process. It will only stress you out.

Just add your shapes, text, images, and at the end, flatten the whole thing. (I will show you this in the step by step tutorial)

Note: Although I cover some topics of “Print then Cut” in this article, keep in mind that this tool is a very robust one. So, if you want to learn all there’s to know about it, go ahead and read my Print Then Cut Ultimate Guide.

Yellow Square sticker made with Cricut

Machine and Settings for Making Cricut Stickers

There are two things you need always to make sure of when making stickers with your Cricut.

The first one is the size. You can only Print then Cut designs that are up to 9.25 x 6.75in. So check the size before you send your project to cut, or you will get a warning saying the image is too large.

The other thing that you need to consider is your machine’s limitations:

  • If you have a Cricut Maker, you can use colored paper (that’s not too busy) and glossy white materials.
  • If you have an Explore machine, you need to use white paper with matte finishes.

Step by Step Tutorial / Make Stickers with your Cricut

Now that you know your machine requirements, it’s time for you to learn how to make stickers.


Note: I usually love Cricut’s products. However, their sticker paper is very thick and got stuck in my printer (I have an HP 4520 Printer) so, if you haven’t bought your sticker paper, I recommend you to buy the Silhouette Brand.

Silhouette sticker paper vs Cricut Printable sticker paper

If you already have the Cricut Sticker paper, try saving the print and take it to Staples or Office Depot, for them to print it. Or if that’s too much hassle get the other one.

Time is money!

Creating a Methodology

Since you can use text, images, shapes, and pretty much anything in Design Space to make stickers, you may get overwhelmed and don’t where to start.

So, for you to have a pleasant experience with making stickers, I’ve developed a “frustrationproof” method.

These are the steps we are going to follow:

  1. Create a layout (By adding shapes)
  2. Add Color or Patterns
  3. Add text and Images
  4. Check the size and “Flatten.”
  5. Cut your stickers

When you follow this order, you can concentrate and focus on one step at a time, and that, my friend, is powerful!

Note: Save your project as you go. It’s very time-consuming, and Cricut doesn’t have backup options.

Step 1 – Create a Sticker Sheet Layout

Since Cricut Design Space only allows us to Print then Cut in a size no bigger than 9.25 x 6.75in. I recommend you add a guideline so you are always aware of your space and can create a Sticker Sheet Layout.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot: Add a rectangle to create a guideline for your sticker sheet
Add a 9.25 x 6.75in rectangle to use as a guide

To add the guideline, click on the shapes button located on the left of the canvas and select the square option. Then (while selecting the square) go to the edit menu on top of the canvas and click the little square in the middle to unlock proportions. (we will be using this term throughout this tutorial)

Then on W (width), type in 6.75 and, on H (height), type in 9.25. After resizing the square, change the operation color for white, so it’s easier for you to have a better idea of your design.

Note: Check out my how-to edit shapes If you feel confused with editing the proportions, etc.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  Add the shapes you want to use for making the stickers.
Example of all of the shapes you can use for your stickers

After creating your guide, add the shapes you want for your stickers. Cricut has nine different options for you to choose from. For this tutorial, I used squares, hearts, circles, and triangles.

What we need to do now is fill our guide with all sorts of different shapes. Don’t forget to unlock proportions so you can create all kinds of rectangles.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  align stickers so they are in order

Tip 1: Use the align option to keep your shapes and all the other shapes you’re adding to your sticker layout organized.

Select the elements you want to align, and depending on how you want to align them use the different options.

In most cases, you will be using “Center” and “Distribute horizontally or Vertically.”

Give it a try!

You will make a couple of mistakes while you get used to it, but you won’t go back once you get the hang of it.

Tip 2: Create different figures for your stickers. Check out the following image for a step by step process.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot: step by step on how to add different elements to the Cricut sheet
  • Step 1: Add a rectangle and triangle (you will need to rotate the triangle, so it’s upside down)
  • Step 2: Place the triangle at the end of the rectangle. They must be overlapping (just a notch).
  • Step 3: Select both shapes and weld to create a new element for our stickers. (Weld is located at the bottom of the Layers panel)
  • Step 4: Rotate to fit your sticker layout
Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  Complete sticker page with all of the shapes and delete guideline

Continue adding shapes in different sizes and let your imagination fly! Your stickers will be so cute at the end.

When your layout is complete, you have to delete or hide your guide. PLEASE don’t forget to do this. Otherwise, your stickers won’t cut after you flatten.

Now, select all of the shapes and change the “Operation” color to white; this will allow you to have a sharper vision of what you will be doing next.

Step 2 – Add Colors and Patterns

It’s time to add color to your stickers!

As I mentioned above, don’t worry about “Basic Cut” or “Flatten.” We will cover that later. To add color to your sticker, you can choose a solid background or a Pattern.

Add a Solid Color to your Stickers

Select the element you want to add color to and change the color box next to the “Operation” setting, located at the canvas area’s top panel.

If you click on advanced, you will be able to see a broader spectrum of colors, and you can also use a code to find a specific color.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  add colors to your stickers
Add color to your stickers!

Tip: To change the color of multiple shapes simultaneously, press shift on your keyboard (at all times) and click on all of the elements you want to edit; this also works with patterns.

Adding Patterns to Cricut Stickers

Patters are backgrounds you can use for your stickers or other “Print then Cut” projects. There are hundreds of them for you to choose from.

Cricut used to charge for them, but they are free for now, so take advantage of them.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot: add patterns to your stickers
Explore Patterns for your Cricut Stickers

If you want to add patterns, change the operation to “Standard Print then Cut,” then click on the color box next to “Operation,” and from the “Print type” drop-down menu, select “Pattern.”

You will find many patterns to choose from. Since they don’t have a code, I can’t show which one was used; So, you’ll need to scroll down until you find it.

When you find the pattern you want to use, make sure to explore the editing options.

Editing patterns in Cricut Design Space

Sometimes, Patterns will look very small; therefore, most of the time, I edit them.

The things I usually tweak are the scale and horizontal position. As you modify a Pattern, you will see all of the changes on a little preview.

Step 3 – Add Text and Images

To add text, click on the Text button located on the left panel of the canvas. If you don’t know how to edit text in Cricut Design Space, make sure to read my tutorial on this topic.

Once you are done adding colors and patterns to your stickers go ahead and type in the text you want to use.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  add text to your stickers
Add the text you want to use for your stickers

Here are some ideas for different types of sticker sheets:

  • Text for Planner Stickers: To-Do / Due / Get it Done / Days of week / Notes / Don’t forget / Important / Break / Appointment… etc
  • Text for leisure stickers: Beach Day / Break / Party / Vacation / Snowboard Day / Date Night / Ocean Vibes / Enjoy life / Brunch / Girls Night Out… etc

What I love about making Cricut Stickers is that you can personalize the text to fit your likes and life in general, and that is something you would never be able to get or buy in a regular store.

After typing in your text, place it on the shapes you want them to be.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  place text on your stickers and add mores shapes for contrast
Don’t they look amazing?

Tip: If needed, add more shapes to add contrast between the patterns and text.

Now it’s time to add images to your stickers! (Click on the Images button located on the left panel of the canvas)

adding images to Cricut Design Space
Use the filter to find free images

You can add your own images, or you can also use som images Cricut’s Library. They do have a membership but if you like free stuff as much as I do, filter images and select:

  • My Images (check the ones you’ve uploaded to the software)
  • Free (Some are always free, other ones are only free for a specific time)
  • Purchased (your machine comes with a set of free images)

These are the images I used (I don’t know if they will be free when you try to follow along). To find them, paste the code in the search images box.

  • Coffee Mug: #M3F404
  • Jam Jar: #M203B548
  • Strong: #M9F82684
  • Flowers: #M3D82D / #M4687B
  • Make Dreams Happen: #M3D9AE98
  • Butterflies: #M45BA6 (For this set of butterflies, I had to use the contour tool; read my guide to learn how to use this setting).
Cricut Design Space Screenshot: images selected to add to your stickers.

I recommend you inserting one at the time and then resizing it because if you add them all at the same time, your canvas will be a mess!

Keep in mind that when you work with images, sometimes they are grouped and have different colors and sizes. You will need to ungroup them to edit the colors and size of every little element.

You may also need to alter the proportions to fit them in your sticker sheets.

Step 4 – Check Size and Flatten

Check out how I used the images to fill the rest of my sticker sheet. Now we are about to get into some serious stuff!

Note: If you still have the GUIDELINE we used at the beginning, YOU HAVE TO DELETE IT!

When you complete your stickers, select everything you have on the canvas (that makes part of the sticker sheet) and click on the “Flatten” option located at the Layers panel’s bottom.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot:  Flatten all elements before cutting the stickers
Don’t forget to flatten

As you can see in the screenshot down below, our stickers look so much different. Everything is on a single layer, and the blade will go through all the outlines of each shape.

Sticker sheet after using the flatten tool in Cricut Design Space
Flatten Result

When you are ready to cut, click on the Make it Button located at the upper right corner.


Let’s cut these cuties.

Step 5 – Print and Cut your Cricut Stickers

The following screenshot is the view that you’ll have when you start the cutting process.

We used all the space! – Sticker paper is quite expensive, so make every inch of it count.

Overview of the Mat before cutting the stickers
Click on Continue to select materials

Check out everything looks in place and hit continue. (This is how you need to place the printed copy on your Mat)

First, we need to send our project to the printer, so click on Send to Printer (leave all the default settings on) and then on Print.

WARNING: Make sure you print on the right side of the Sticker Paper. If you aren’t sure what side of the paper your printer prints, use a regular piece of paper with a mark on it to find out.

Send your stickers to print, set the materials and load tools and mat.
Print your Sticker Sheet and load mat and tools

After you Print, it’s time for you to select the sticker paper you are working with.

If you have a Cricut Maker, browse all materials and type in “sticker” to narrow the search. I picked Sticker Paper, Removable because I didn’t use Cricut’s brand.

If you have a Cricut Explore, move the smart set dial on your Cricut Machine and then browse materials on design space and choose the sticker paper you are working with.

Now let’s move to real-life photos!

After selecting materials, install Fine Point Blade and place the already Printed Sticker Paper on your Mat, load it to your machine and press the flashing Go button on your device.

See the magic happen before your eyes!

When Design Space informs you that the cut is complete unload your Mat for the Cricut and finally remove sticker sheet from the Mat.

There you have it! Beautiful stickers you can use for your planning activities.

Using Layout Templates to Make Cricut Stickers

If you’ve been reading my website, you know I love throwing extra goodies and SVG files to make your life easier.

Here I have six different layouts you can use for your projects.

To download the file(s), you NEED to be on a desktop or laptop, and you must click on the button to trigger a download file on your pc.

Depending on your browser settings, your PC sometimes asks where to save the file, although most of the files will be in your download folder.

If the image opens in a new window (this may happen because of your browser settings), right-click on it, select the option “Save Image As,” and choose where you want to save the file.

SVG files look like web page files when you download them.

They already have colors, but feel free to use the techniques I showed you above to personalize them however you want!

I won’t be covering again a step-by-step tutorial on how I did the next ones, but I will show you how to upload them and use these templates in Cricut Design Space.

My purpose with these files is to give you extra resources and ideas to work with, so you don’t feel intimidated and want to go for it!


And just so you know, I also have a library full of free SVG files and Printables for all my subscribers, a.k.a Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling out this form.

Upload Sticker Templates to Cricut Design Space

To upload your project, log in to Cricut Design Space, and click on to the Upload button located on the layers panel. Next, click on “Upload Image” and select it from your computer.

upload sticker layout to cricut design space
Upload Sticker Layouts to Design Space

Once uploaded, the template will be under recently uploaded images. Select it and click on insert images.

All of these templates are sized correctly, so you don’t have to worry about that. To edit every single shape on its own, you need to select the file and click on Ungroup (located at the top of the Layers panel).

Sticker Sheet layout in Cricut Design Space (ungroup)
Ungroup so you can edit each shape

If you notice, there is a curvy shape there. To add text to it follow the steps I show you in the screenshot right down below.

Add text to wavy shapes in Design Space
Add text to wavy shapes

Now check this out!

Do you see how different it looks? I used different colors and images to create a different feel.

This one is more of beach and mermaid style stickers.

Beach and mermaid style stickers made with Cricut.
Change colors and give the layout a different feel

And just in case you are curious these are the codes of the images and colors I used:

  • Colors: Blue (84D1D4) Peach (F6C785) Yellow (ECE09C) Purple (CA9CC1)
  • Images: Mermaid Tail (#M111122A) / Flower (#M3F100) / Star Fish (#M1110734)
  • Fonts: Cricut Sans / Cricut Font and Basic Shapes

You can also make a whole page of the same shape. These are perfect for marking your journals, or if you have kids, you can use them as a reward system.

Circle stickers layout with simple shapes.
Aren’t they so beautiful?

I used the circles’ layout template and very basic shapes to put on top of them.

I love how vibrant and beautiful they look. Wouldn’t you agree?

Images Used: heart, star, flower (#M3F100)

Last but not least, I want to show you how to use layout that only has squares on it.

I really love how It ended up!

For this sticker sheet, I decided to only use patterns for the background, and Free (at the time) Cricut Images. You can use your quotes or text as well.

Using patterns and images ONLY in Cricut Design Space for making stickers example.

Patterns don’t have a code, so you would need to scroll to find them (sorry). But here are following images I used:

  • Shine Like the Stars: #M3D9AEFB
  • Hustle: #M7E83274
  • Click: #M323BF
  • 50% Cute 50% Tired: #M3D9ABEE
  • Stay Classy: #M3D9AFA3
  • Home: #M9C1E374
  • Choose Joy: #M3D9AD86
  • Make Dreams happen: #M3D9AE98
  • Your World is your Canvas: #M539A69
  • Believe in yourself: #M33EA4C0

These last ones turned out so great. Pictures don’t do it justice.

I think this sort of stickers can work as a present for a friend or someone you love. You can also add encouraging phrases, etc.!

What do you think?

Congrats You are a Pro at Making Cricut Stickers!

Do you know it takes me over 25 hours to complete a single Cricut article? I know, it’s crazy! But I like to make sure that you understand EVERYTHING!

I would appreciate your support on Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube / as I am trying to grow my audience to keep producing great content!

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You are an excellent teacher. Now if you taught other things I need to know about such as, plumbing, auto repair, electrical, cooking. I am sure if you knew, I could learn from you. You have the gift of teaching. Thank you so much for this tutorial


Thursday 29th of September 2022

This is one of the kindest comments I've ever read! Thank you so much :)

Sarah Gavina

Sunday 4th of September 2022

My Cricut keeps giving me an error message that it can not scan the cut lines... Do you know what I am doing wrong?


Thursday 29th of September 2022

What machine do you have? Do you have glossy or dark paper? If you have an old Explore, you can't use these types of materials.


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What absolutely amazing articles, you have taken the time to write for us Cricut users. I cannot thank you enough, I have learnt so much with these & everything is easy to follow. I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you


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You’re very welcome :)

Sara Schimmoeller

Friday 3rd of June 2022

Wow! I absolutely loved reading this and can't wait to try making my own stickers! The instructions were all so clear and I can't believe how great they look! My only concern is I'm not sure if my printer quality will look that good - color vibrance, etc. and I've never used sticker paper before. I've had issues with glossy mailing label stickers smearing before with my printer. What kind of printer do you use? Is the sticker paper glossy?


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