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How to Edit Text in Cricut Design Space Like a Pro

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Hi Daydreamer!

Get ready because at the end of this article you will master how to edit text in Cricut Design Space like PRO! I want to teach you how to fish and empower you with the knowledge to come up with cool ideas on your own!

Text it’s a huge deal in any design, you can accomplish so much with it and that’s why you need to get hands on and learn all the possibilities you have with the Cricut Machine.

On this post you are going to learn the reasoning and sort of logic of how text works in Cricut Design Space, then we are going to apply those concepts in a step to step tutorial.


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Let’s get started!

Text Basics

One of the things that I like the most about text is that you can personalize everything you want and your heart desires.

Learning the basics and more advanced options you have within the Cricut Design Space area will allow you to not only personalize things, but also doing it beautifully!

Adding and Editing Text

First things first!

In order for you to add text to the design area you need to click on the T (text) icon located on the left panel of the canvas.

After clicking a little box will appear and this is where you would type your text.

Screenshot for how to add text in Cricut Design Space
To Add text, click on the text button located on the left panel

If you already have typed some text, you can easily edit it by double clicking the text itself in the canvas area.

Screenshot to edit already created text.
Double click on text to edit the content

Editing Menu Overview

There are countless ways for you to edit text, but for this tutorial we are going to focus with the options given in the editing menu; especially the icons that are marked in pink.

Don’t be shy. After you are done with this tutorial go ahead and try other options, I promise your computer won’t break. 😛

Screenshot of editing text menu in Design Space
Editing Menu – Focus on Pink Areas

These are the topics we will be covering in details.

  1. Linetype and Fill
  2. Font
  3. Font Style and Font size
  4. Letter Space and Line Space
  5. Alignment
  6. Curve
  7. Advanced

Linetype and Fill for Text

Linetype and fill will basically tell your machine how to cut, or treat your materials when you press Make it.

Basically you will have 5 options combined (3 Linetype and 2 with fill)


On this drop down menu you will have three options:

Screenshot of linetype drop down menu Cricut Design Space
  • Cut: Will tell your machine to cut. Here you can change colors too, and each color will represent a different material color.
  • Draw: With this option you are telling your Cricut to draw and for this you will need the Cricut Pens. So when you press make it; your text will be drawn and not cut.
  • Score: When selecting this option your text will be scored and for this type of effect you need either the scoring stylus, and or the scoring wheel. This last one is for the Cricut Maker only!


Screenshot of Fill option in Cricut Design Space

This option could be a little more confusing. But here I am to make it easy for you!

Fill is only for the PRINT then CUT option, and it’s only activated when you have Cut as a linetype.

  • No Fill: means that you won’t be printing anything, so if printing something out is not you intention then ignore this setting.
  • Print: this means you will printing your design and then cutting it, when you click here you can now choose your print type by clicking on the little color square.
    • Color: choose color to print in any color you want your text to be.
    • Pattern: select pattern if you want your text to be filled with your own or Cricut patterns.
Screenshot of Linetype and fill options for text in Cricut design space.
Text Options with Linetype and Fill

Font Types

Every time you type something, Cricut Sans will be the default font. If you want change the font just click on the Fonts drop-down menu and choose your favorite font.

Screenshot of choosing different types of fonts in Cricut Design Space
Check different ways to filter fonts!

Keep in mind that not all fonts are free if you have Cricut Access you can use most of them. However, some of them need to be purchased prior to cutting your project.

If you don’t know what Cricut Access is, make sure to read this great guide I put together.

If you want to stick to free fonts make sure to filter by “My Fonts” (This will include your system fonts and some Cricut Fonts that Cricut may have free at the moment.

Something really cool about Cricut Fonts is the writing and Multi-layer Fonts.

Writing fonts are great for Cricut Pens, because they will give a hand drawn effect to your project, and multi-layer fonts are a type font that consist of 2 or more layers.

I will explain what is multi-layer font in the advanced options icon.

The Big Difference between Cricut Fonts and System Fonts

There’s a big difference between the Cricut and System fonts and that is the Cricut Fonts are designed to fit all of the potential of your machine.

You have the Writing – as a font style – and the Multi-Layer options.

Sure you can write with your system fonts – by changing the Linetype for draw – but it would look more like an outline of the font rather than a handwritten effect.

Screenshot showing the difference between Cricut Fonts and System Fonts in Cricut Design Space
Cricut Fonts vs System Fonts

Font Style

Screenshot of Font Style in Cricut Design Space

When you click on font style you will be given a drop down menu. Most common options are: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.

However, if you are using Cricut Fonts you may have less or more options like Writing.

Font Size and Letter Spacing

Top Panel Font Spacing and size Cricut Design Space

As the name says it, font size will allow you to change the size of your selected text.

Letter Space is really cool because you can adjust the space between letters.

Line Space is extremely cool as well, but this time you can either increase or decrease the length of text lines.

Screenshot of how letter space and Lines Space work in Cricut Design Space
Original Design in Blue – Letter Space in Yellow – Line Space in Pink
Letter Spacing to Fix Script

One of the things that letter spacing is really good at is to fix your cursive fonts.

The first time I tried to create a project with a handwritten font I didn’t understand why it looked so weird and ugly. To this day I still don’t understand…

The thing, is that by default all cursive fonts will be spaced out. But not worries, look at the screenshot down bellow to learn how to fix this problem.

Screenshot of how to fix cursive font spacing in Cricut Design Space
Fix Cursive Letter Spacing
  1. Write your desired text and select your cursive font. Remember by default all letters will be spaced out.
  2. Select the text and and reduce the letter spacing, to get it almost perfect. There will be some letters overlapping each other, but we will fix this in a moment.
  3. Select your text and this time click on advanced and select ungroup to letters. Now you will be able to move every letter on its own. For this case I moved the letter C.
  4. If you were going to cut your project right now, all letters would be cut out individually. To make this a single word, select all of the letters and click on the weld option located at bottom of the right – layers – panel of the canvas area.

Note: You will be learning more about the the advanced options in a little bit!

Text Alignment

This option give you three different alternatives:

  • Left: Selected text will be aligned to the left
  • Center: Selected text will be centered
  • Right: Selected text will be aligned to the right
Screen Shot for text alignment in Cricut Design Space
Align Left Yellow – Align Right Pink – Align Center Blue

Curve Text

I love this feature! Curving text can add an extra touch to any design. However, this option is only available for one line of text at the time; no paragraphs!

Select your text line and play with the curve option. The further you are from the center the more curved appearance you will add to your text.

Screenshot of how to curve a line of text in Cricut Design Space

Advanced Options

This is by far one of my favorite options and you may think is difficult because of the name of this icon!

For this example I am using a Multi-Layer font called A Frighfull Affair. This font is made out of two layers. An outer – black – and inner – yellow – one. Each layer represents a different material.

Using this font let’s see how each of the advanced options work.

Screenshot of Advanced Options in Cricut Design Space
This is a Multi-Layer Font

Ungroup to layers: this option is only available on multi-layers fonts. When you click on this option you can separate all of the layers that make up the font and edit them individually.

This is great if you only want to use a particular layer of text.

Ungroup to lines: If you need to write a paragraph but need all text lines on their own this tool will be your best friend.

Write your paragraph, align and space your fonts and then click on ungroup to lines; Then you can edit each line of text on its own!

Ungroup to Letters: this option allows you to separate every letter into a different layer; it can be applied to a paragraph, line of text, or just any word.

Screenshot of of how ungroup to layers, lines and letters works in Cricut Design Space
Ungroup to Layers, Lines and Letters Graphic

Notice that when you separate to lines and letters the font kept the multi-layer attribute. So, If you have a multi-layer font you can ungroup to layers after using either ungroup to lines or letters.

Now, Let’s Put in Practice what we learned!

It’s time for you to put in practice what you just learned!

From start to finish we are going to use as many tools as we can to achieve the design on the screenshot right down below.

Don’t be afraid to change things up. The best way to learn is by trying new things all the time.

Screenshot of final step by step tutorial in Cricut Design Space
Let’s get going!

Step 1 – Add Text

First we are going to add the following paragraph.


Here we are trying to keep all of the lines of the paragraph the same length. It’s not totally possible but we will fix this later.

Tutorial Screenshot of step 1 - add text in Cricut Design Space
Step 1 – Add Text

Step 2 – Choose your font

Let’s select a cuter font!

Click on font, then explore your options by filtering every option. I went with Avenida Com.

Screenshot of - Step 2 - Choose your font - Cricut Design Space
Step 2 – Choose your font

Step 3 – Ungroup to lines

Remember when I said we couldn’t curve text with a paragraph?

Since you can only curve text with lines of words we are going to select our paragraph and then we are going to click on Advanced and choose ungroup to lines.

At this point you will be able to edit every single line on its own!

Tutorial Screenshot of - Step 3 Ungroup to lines  - in Cricut Design Space
Step 3 – Ungroup to lines

However, as you can see right now they are not the same length and we need them to be because otherwise our design wouldn’t look even.

Step 4 – Use Letter Spacing

We need to make all of the lines the same length. I like to have the longest line dictate the size of the other lines.

To do this, select the first line and adjust the letter space till the line looks the same size as the middle one. Once you are done, repeat the same process with the third line.

Tutorial Screenshot of -Step 4 - Use Letter Spacing  - in Cricut Design Space
Step 4 – Use Letter Spacing

Step 5 – Let’s curve some text

Here we are going to add our curvy effect!

Select the first line of text and click on curve, and type -5.104, this will make the line to curve down.

Then, we are going to select the second line of text but this time we are going to type 5.104. This will cause the line to curve up.

Finally, for the third line of text we are going to repeat the same thing we did with the first line. Click on curve and type -5.104

Tutorial Screenshot of - Step 5 curving text in Cricut Design Space
Step 5 – Let’s curve some text

Step 6 – Organize all of the elements

Now organize all of the element like the screenshot down below.

Tutorial Screenshot of Step 6 - Organize all of the elements in Cricut Design Space
Step 6 – Organize all of the elements

Step 7 – Let’s play with Linetype and Fill

Usually you would stick to one Linetype, but for the purpose of this tutorial we are going to use the draw, and cut and print options.

For the first line I selected draw as a linetype and then for color I went with a light turquoise.

Tutorial Screenshot of  Step 7 - Let's play with Linetype & Fill / Draw Linetype / in Cricut Design Space
Step 7 – Let’s play with Linetype & Fill / Draw Linetype

For the second line, I went with Cut as linetype to activate the fill option. Then I selected print as fill, and a turquoise color.

Tutorial Screenshot of  Step 7 - Let's play with Linetype & Fill / Linetype: Cut - Fill: Print, Print type: color / in Cricut Design Space
Step 7 – Let’s play with Linetype & Fill / Linetype: Cut – Fill: Print, Print type: color 

For the last line I wanted to explore patterns! So I selected cut as linetype to activate the fill option and then I changed the print type for pattern.

There are many options you can select from, However, I wanted to stick with the turquoise pattern.

Tutorial Screenshot of  Step 7 - Let's play with Linetype & Fill / Linetype: Cut - Fill: Print, print type: Pattern / in Cricut Design Space

Step 7 – Let’s play with Linetype & Fill / Linetype: Cut – Fill: Print, print type: Pattern

That’s it! You are a Pro Now!


What did you guys think?

Do you feel more confident with editing text now?

What kind of projects are you going to make now that you are a Pro at editing text in Cricut Design Space?

I can’t wait to hear all about so make sure to comment on the section down below

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Learning how to edit text like a pro in Cricut Design Space has never been this easy!
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Thursday 8th of April 2021

Do you have Instructions in a printable format?


Saturday 17th of April 2021

Not yet! Working on an Info-Product.


Friday 19th of March 2021

Hello! I am new to Cricut and bought the Explorer Air 2 machine to print the delivery addresses for my daughter's wedding invitations. I have spent too many sleepless nights awake watching tutorials on how to best print envelope addresses (return addresses are coming pre-printed on the back flap). Your tutorials are the best by far! The only part I can't figure out is how to remove the rectangle shape 'guide' prior to printing. The machine prints the address then proceeds to print the outline of the rectangle. Also, to change the address for subsequent envelopes, do I simply double click the text box to edit (assuming I don't weld the text) prior to printing the next envelope? Thank you!!


Friday 19th of March 2021

I am glad you like my tutorials! I have an awesome tutorial on how to make and address envelopes in Cricut Design Space.


Tuesday 16th of March 2021

Dear Catalina, Your tutorials are very detailed and I like it very much but after about a year of just buying my Maker and its accessories I now have the time to play with my machine...and found your tutorials. I have the new version of the Cricut Design Space but I cannot find the Linetype & Fill / Linetype: Cut – Fill: Print, print type: Pattern section. On the top after the Undo/Redo section it says Operation. Underneath the Operation Section It says Basic Cut with options and the color. I am missing the Linetype: Cut - Fill: Pattern so I wasn't able to follow your tutorial. :(((( Can you tell me how to remedy that? Thanks...


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Hi Izzie! Cricut updated his software and I am working around the clock to update my articles. Everything that was under "Linetype" it's now under "Operation."


Thursday 5th of November 2020

Do you have any tips on how to connect the dot on lowercase j and I so they cut in 1 piece?


Monday 9th of November 2020

Yes! Have a copy of "j," then with contour, hide the dot on one of the copies, and on the other copy, show the other part of the letter. Now you have two layers, drag the dot to connect the "j" and weld both pieces.

I hope this helps.

Carly Hovsepian

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am just finding this and I love how you have made this tutorial. The way you explain things is just perfect!!!


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

So happy I can help!