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Cricut Fall & Thanksgiving Ideas | 20+ Free Fall SVG Files

Hello Daydreamers.

Today you are going to get inspired, and encouraged to decorate all things fall with your Cricut!

There are over 20 AMAZING ideas here for you to get started with today, and best of all I have 20+ Free SVG files for you to download and use in your personal projects within this article!

What to Expect from this great article!

I will provide you with some of my other tutorials (with other examples) that will walk you through the process of most crafts.

There are other projects that I don’t have tutorials for, hold on tight, though, they’ll come soon.

Collage of fall projects made with the Cricut Machine

I will be sharing the tips and tricks I found to work with each craft, and that I think will be beneficial for you to know.

At the end of this article, there is a gallery and the buttons to download all 20+ Fall SVG Files!

Are you ready?

Let’s fall in love with fall together through these amazing crafts.

Curious Tip: it took me over 50 hours of work to complete this article and all the designs you see here today, plus I plan on adding more. If you find value on it, a great way to support me is by following me Instagram and subscribing to my Youtube Channel.

1. Guest and Family Treat Bucket

I love candy!

A fun way to display it and offer it to your guests during the fall season is by using a metal bucket.

The metal alone may be a little bit boring, so add some removable (or permanent) vinyl with a “fall” phrase.

I used removable vinyl because I may want to re-use it for another occasion.

To add contrast, place it on top of a white plate and decorate with artificial fall leaves and flowers.

2.Cricut Thanksgiving Table Setting

Look at the following table setting.

I am not an expert at setting the table, and I am sorry if I am breaking some etiquette.


Can you spot all of the things I made with my Cricut?

I made a Happy Thanksgiving Cake Topper, Gift tags for Party favors, and I also ironed some foil iron-on on the table napkins.

Thanksgiving table setting and decorated with the Cricut

Let’s take a closer look!

3. Thanksgiving Cake Topper

Sometimes it is hard to envision the different purposes a project can serve.

Let’s think outside the box.

You don’t need a cake to use a cake topper!

What about placing the topper in a vase along with some flowers. I used artificial flowers, but you can also use real and fresh ones.

Tip: Cover your vase with a napkin and wrap it around to hide the flower stems, and wrap it with ribbon. (My mother in law taught me this little trick)

For this cake topper, I use glitter cardstock and a popsicle stick.

I always recommend the beacon 3 – in – 1 to assemble it. Run far away from kids’ glue.

Learn more about cake toppers in this step by step tutorial.

4. Thanksgiving Plate Placement

Your guests and family members are going to be so impressed by these table napkins.

I used gold foil iron-on and pressed it at the bottom of the napkin.

Doesn’t it look fantastic?

For this project, I used the Easypress Mini; you can read more about it here on my review, and see some examples of how to use it.

You can also use a regular household iron, but I recommend you use everyday iron-on, instead of foil.

Foil Iron-On is hard to work with if you can’t control the temperature settings.

5. Cricut Thanksgiving Party Favors

How about making some cute party favors for people to take home.

I cut the gift tags with my Cricut and tied them around with hem cord to 4oz mini mason jars.

You can get the original mini mason jars for very cheap in Walmart, or Target.

I didn’t find a good deal for them on Amazon, but I think these over here are adorable and will work as well.

Make sure to check out my tutorial on how to make beautiful gift tags with your Cricut!

6. Mini Fall Gift Box

These mini fall gift boxes can be another alternative for party favors, or you can make them for your kids to bring treats to their teachers and friends.

For this craft, I recommend you use at least a 12×12 in paper size and increase the width of the box in Design Space to 11.5 inches.

Don’t use very thick materials for the letters and decorations because Cricut has a hard time cutting them.

For the box itself, I used glitter cardstock, but for the letters, I used glitter paper.

Fall Gift Box made with Cricut

Important: the lines you see in the SVG (in the fall gallery at the end of this post) need to be changed from “Cut,” to “Score.”

To learn more about making and assembling boxes with your Cricut, check out my step by step tutorial.

7. Fall Inspired Coasters

When I saw these cute coasters in Home Goods, my creative mind was all over them.

For this project, I used Cricut’s white removable vinyl, and they came out so charming.

I had some problems weeding the coaster with the bible verse (in all things give thanks) because it had tiny pieces at the end of the design (1 Thess 5:15).

If you decide to use this design, start your weeding process in that area, or go in design space and try making those little dots bigger.

Which one is your favorite?

Even though I run into some trouble with the bible verse design, that coasted is my new favorite.

8. Fall Inspired Coffee Station

If you love coffee as much as I do, then the following ideas are going to make your heart jump!

Can you spy the things I made with my Cricut in this little spot?

Fall inspired coffee station decor with Cricut

9. Fall Inspired Coffee Station Sign

First, I made this little sign out of chalkboard wood.

They are so affordable; and yes, I forgot to buy the little suction cup to hang it, so for the photo I had to used tape lol.

Since my hand-lettering skills are terrible, I decided to go with a design from Cricut’s library (#M8A1C758), and I used removable glitter vinyl.

I’ve heard a lot of nightmares about working with glitter vinyl, so I changed the blade pressure from default to more.

Chalkboard sign for fall made with Cricut

Important: For glitter vinyl, you’ll always need strong grip transfer tape. If you use regular tape, the tape won’t pick up the design.

10. Fall Inspired Coffee Mugs made with Vinyl

Ok, I will admit it…

This was my first time making mugs in the whole time I’ve had a Cricut.

Honestly, I’ve been a little intimidated by these types of projects, but I need to practice because I want to put together a great article about how to transfer vinyl to mugs, and curved surfaces.

I love how these mugs turned out.

They are so silly and cute, and I already had my first cup of coffee, one of them.

If you decide to make mugs with any of the designs I am providing you with; please watch some YouTube videos before you attempt to do it.

And if it’s your first time applying vinyl to curved areas as well, get a little practice with some removable vinyl first.

I like how they turned out, and I am planning on making more for Christmas.

11. Fall Inspired Coffee Tray

And for the “pièce de résistance” look at this adorable coffee tray.

For the tray, I used permanent gold glitter vinyl. This glitter is so subtle that you can barely see it in the photo, but it’s so stylish and elegant.

The coffee tray I used had two small handles on the side, so when I have friends and family over, I can quickly move it to the areas where we are hanging out.

Tip: Measure, measure, and again, measure. Although I love my new kitchen addition, if you look the sign carefully is a little crooked :/


But, I am glad it happened to me so that I can transfer my knowledge to you.

12. Fall Inspired Kitchen Towels

A lot happens in the kitchen during the fall season.

Say hello to apple pie, pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and more deliciousness.

Can you tell I love food?

To add an extra fall touch to your kitchen, why not make some fall-themed kitchen towels?

I like how they ended up, I used black iron-on and I got this towel set from Amazon.

13. Fall Inspired Fire Place Decor

Here is another spot that I decorated with my Cricut!

Can you spy all the things I made with it? I am not showing all of the details because I want to add an element of surprise.

But, I do want to make a point that you don’t need to spend loads of money to decorate, Cricut makes it so easy for you to add your touches to any part of your home.

I really like how all of the pieces I made with my machine fit together and are in harmony with each other.

It’s simple, elegant and charming.

Let’s take a closer look.

14. Fall Inspired Cricut Banner

I love the kind of banners you can make with your Cricut!

They are not the cookie-cutter ones you find at the stores. If you put your mind into it, you can create something unique that fits all of your expectations and need.

At this point, I am sure you can figure out that I love glitter in my projects. For this “Give Thanks” banner, I used glitter cardstock and white twine to hang it.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

The photos don’t do it justice!

If you have doubts about how to make this project check out how to make banners with your Cricut in my step by step tutorial.

15. Fall Inspired Wood Sign

I love how this sign turned out!

I live in a little apartment, and I don’t have room to do a lot of painting, but since I wanted a wood sign to decorate my fireplace, I bought a blank piece of already stained wood at Michaels and placed some white vinyl on top.

Doesn’t it look elegant and beautiful?

Although I like the way this project looks, I learned a lot from it.

Next time I would measure better when transferring the vinyl to my project, and I would also choose a design that doesn’t go directly in the wood cracks (it’s my preference, but you may like it like that).

16. Cricut Pumpkin Signs

I was decided to personalize this pumpkin!

Yes, I grew some grey hair along the process, but it was all worth it. I think it looks adorable.

If you have a similar pumpkin, choose and download this particular design (it’s fall y’all) because it has a diamond shape and it will transfer easier than any of the other designs I have at the end of this article.

What do you think about this cute little pumpkin?

Isn’t it pretty?

17. Home Decor with Candles

Fall brings back candles!

I love candles so much, and although you can use them during the summer, I feel it is not the same as when you light them during the chilly fall and winter days.

These candles have a decorative purpose, though.

You can get a set for very cheap at any craft or home decor store, and transfer removable vinyl on the plastic the candles come wrapped in.

If the plastic feels sticky or waxy; gently, clean the candles with a warm washcloth.

Tip: for the “Give Thanks” candle I had to use a white oil-based marker because the dot from the “i” fell off while I was weeding the design. It looks like nothing ever happened!

18. Candle Gift Idea

We just saw how to use Candles to decorate our home!

There’s a problem, though…

I want candles I can light and enjoy the warmth and pleasant smell they produce when they are burning.

This candle is the perfect example!

Not only makes a great home decor item you can savor but it also makes a beautiful gift.

My favorite place to buy candles is Marshall’s. You can find them for half the price!

Buy a candle that you can peel off the branding and use either removable or permanent vinyl to decorate it.

Note: the design I used for this particular project is from Cricut’s library, and this is the code you can use #M6DA4488 to find it.

19. Cricut Fall Inspired Porcelain Food Tray


I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed doing this project!

Doesn’t this food tray look astonishing?

I used removable black vinyl because I may want to use it for other holidays and I don’t want to keep buying trays.

Keep in mind that vinyl is not food safe!

Use it with wrapped candy, or cut parchment paper and place it on top of the tray to isolate food from the vinyl.

Oh, and use it for cold or room temperature dishes.

20. Fall Inspired Throw Pillow

If there’s a season to feel cozy it’s fall.

Wouldn’t you agree?

To feel the coziness of fall cut some gold foil iron-on with your Cricut and transfer it to a throw pillow.

I used my regular Easypress, but you can also use a regular Iron, but change the material for everyday iron-on.

Foil iron-on is hard to work with a household iron.

Or, you can treat yourself with an Easypress for the holiday season.

21. Cozy Socks for Fall

I have an inexplicable love for socks.

Yep, I am sock’s hoarder, and I am not ashamed of it.

I took this pair of socks, and I transferred some everyday white iron-on to make these fall-inspired socks.

Now, if you can overlook the fact that I wore them backward for the photo that would great (lol).

This is one of my favorite projects in this entire article!

Do you like how they look?

22. Cute Baby Onesies

This post wouldn’t be complete without some baby onesies!

Most files that I am providing you can be used for adult clothing, but can we admit that there’s something special about dressing our little ones with whatever holiday is going around?

For the “Mommy’s Little Pumpkin” design I use black glitters iron-on, and for the “Mommy’s little Acorn” design I use rose gold foil iron-on.

I have an excellent tutorial on how to make T-Shirts with your Cricut in case you have any questions.

Free SVG Fall Gallery

I really hope you enjoy using these files in some of your fall projects with your Cricut.

The following SVG files are for personal use only. If you want a commercial license, please email me at

There are two ways you can save them to your computer, you can either right-click on each thumbnail and select the option “Save image as,” or you can click on the buttons down below the gallery.

You can only save them from a desktop computer; smartphones are not that smart when it comes to SVG files.

Before you download, support my work by following me on Instagram and subscribing to my Youtube Channel.


Just so you know, I also have a library full of free SVG files and Printables for all my subscribers, a.k.a. Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling out this form.


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