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How to Cut Multiple Colors on one Cricut Mat?

Have you ever tried cutting multiple colors at the same time on one Cricut mat? I have and today I am going to teach you how to do it.

Ok! Let’s dig in a little further…

The KEY to cut multiple colors on a single mat is by attaching all of the different colors in one final piece, and then cut. Depending on the design you want to cut, there will be extra things you need to do; so make sure you read all of this post so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

When I was first getting started with my Cricut, I couldn’t really understand why did Cricut Design Space wasn’t able to just put all of my colors on the same mat, I seriously clicked on every single button but there’s not real option for it.

Quite frankly I was a little annoyed, because for every color you need to load a single mat, and I don’t know about you, but I am all about saving precious time! – I have a year old that wants to play all the time!

Hello I'm Awesome SVG Cut and ready to transfer.
Let’s make this project together! – On just one Cricut Mat

Are you ready?

How to Cut Multiple Colors on One Cricut Mat

After using my Cricut for a while, I now understand why this option isn’t really available.

When I first tried to do this I totally cut into the other colors – I wasn’t organized – and ruined a couple of materials. Plus you also need to consider that you might want to use different materials in a single project as well; even different blades.

Heads UP! DO NOT use this method I am about to teach you if you need to cut different types of materials, you can ruin them, or not cut them at all!

I always recommend you to practice on paper first until you get the hang of it. You don’t want to ruin precious materials. Right?

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s have some fun!

I think the BEST WAY For you to learn is by following along. So, for this tutorial I am using this Hello I’m Awesome FREE SVG, so make sure to download it and practice as you read. 

Hello I am awesome SVG
Right click and save this SVG to follow along this tutorial


Just so you know, I also have a library full of free SVG files and Printables for all my subscribers, a.k.a. Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling out this form.

Step 1 – Upload Your Design 

As I just mentioned, the best way for you to learn is by following along. So go ahead, save and upload the”Hello I’m Awesome” SVG file to Design Space.

You can do this by clicking on the upload button located on the left panel of the canvas area.

Once you upload it, select it and then click on Insert Images.

Insert design by click on the Upload button.
Upload the designed I provided in the beginning of this post

Step 2 – Tidy up your design

As you can see – in the image right down below – the file needs some work before you are able to cut it all on the same mat.

First select it all and click on ungroup. Then select all of the letters that make up the word “Hello” and click on weld; do the same thing with “I’m awesome”.

Before we proceed there’s something very important you need to consider. This design is set and organized the way we want it to look in real life. However, for us to be able to cut it in different colors we need to move the elements around so there are away from each other. 

For instance, look at the little blue arrows inside the design in the graphic down bellow. Although you could cut each material to fit on this example; sometimes you will have more complex projects and that’s a room for disaster.

Original "Hello I'm awesome SVG" on the Canvas Area
Original Design “Hello I’m awesome SVG” on the Canvas Area

So, what we are going to move all of the 3 elements of this design – Hello, I’m awesome, and the arrow – away from each other. Making sure every element has its own space.

Tip: Before you move the next steps of  this project – and as a good practice – copy and paste the original design, group it, and then hide the visibility of it by clicking the little eye on the layers panel. You always want to have a copy of the original!

Weld and organize every element on the canvas area

Note: I wanted to show you a screen shot of how this project would look like if you were going to click on make it at this point.

This is how you would normally cut a project with different colors

Every mat represents each color, and this is SO USEFUL because from that moment you would just follow the cutting instructions. And you are good to go.

Step 3 – Attach Design and Click on Make it

Once you are done organizing every element and giving it its own space, select all of the elements and click on Attach, and then press Make it.

After attaching, you will see that all of the designs take one color. This is always going to happen, because the number of colors dictate the number of mats you are going to use. And in this case we just want a single mat.

When you attach something you are telling the software that all of the elements will remain together when you send your project to be cut.

Attach Result from Original Design. Cricut Design Space
Attach all layers

When you press make it, you will see that all the elements are now in one mat! Yay 🙂

However, the work isn’t over yet!

Listen to me, if you don’t take your time doing this part, you WILL waste time and materials.

Design ready to be cut
Ready to cut this project?

For this project every element represents a different color.


Now, we need to cut 3 strips. One for each color. The good think is that by looking at the mat we can see what size they are approximately. When in doubt, use more material but be careful to not overlap them.

For this project I used vinyl and I also changed some of the final color to what I had on hand:

  • Hello: Originally pink (I used purple). Size: Width 6.5 in – Length 2 in
  • I’m awesome: black. Size: Width 9.5 in – Length 3 in
  • Arrow: Originally yellow (I used pink). Size: Width 6 in – Length 2 in
Cricut ready to cut a project in different colors on one mat
This is how the mat should look like after you are done cutting every piece

If it’s your first time, I totally recommend you using paper. However, if you measured well you can also use vinyl or any other material you would like.

Once you cut all the different stripes of color; stick them to the mat, then, load it to the Cricut, choose your materials on Cricut Design Space or Smart Set Dial (Explore Family Machine) and press the make it button!

Remove material from the mat, weed and transfer.

After the Cricut is done cutting. Weed and remove materials from the mat, then proceed to transfer your design! I transferred my design to my giant box of colors and markers.

There you have it! 

You just cut all of your project on one single mat!

Pros & Cons of Using this Method

The main reason I use this method is because I don’t like removing and weeding multiple times. I like being done cutting in one step and then have fun weeding and transferring my project.

With that said there are some cons to using this kind of method:

  • You need to change the layout of your design 100% (Always save a copy) and measure your materials accurately. This takes time, and the more colors and elements you have, that time will increase.
  • You need to do extra steps – cutting strips of color, organizing on Design Space – that you wouldn’t have to do on the normal process.

At the end of the day, there will always be trade off time. You either load and unload the mat multiple times, or plan and organize your project accordingly.

The question is; What do you prefer?


What did you think of this tutorial?  Did you like it, are you going to use it?

Crafting with the Cricut is so much fun, and I have tons of tutorials and guides that will make your life so much easier.

If you liked this tutorial, and think someone else would benefit from it, make sure to share it on your favorite social media. By doing so, you are not only helping other people to learn how to master their Cricut, but you are also supporting my work! 

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Monday 26th of February 2024

You've cracked the Case Way to go.


Sunday 19th of November 2023

Thank you so much for sharing this, I did a project yesterday which required 16 mats of different colors and shapes! I thought there has to be an easier way, and I am really just a newbie to this!


Monday 27th of November 2023

You're very welcome :)


Thursday 8th of December 2022

I am new at this, and I wanted to say thank you for shared.


Friday 8th of October 2021

Hey. My name is Teresa and I've done several of your projects with you. I love the way you explain things so simply so I'm not confused. I also did your boxes that your Dad helped you design and it took you guys 2 weeks to do. I just wanted to tell you how lucky you are to have your Dad still in your life. So hug him often, tell him you love him and appreciate him because not all of us are as lucky as you to have your Dad still here on earth to spend time with. I cried reading that box tutorial. You are a very lucky young lady and talented too. I lost my Dad when I was 12 and still cry from the pain of losing him. I'm A lot older than you but still need my Dad. God bless you and your father. Sincerely, Teresa


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so blessed to have my dad still!


Monday 29th of March 2021

I didn’t understand when u said u needed to cut 3 strips of each color? Don’t you just need 1 of each color?


Monday 12th of April 2021

You’re correct. Sorry!