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Letter C Worksheets – 55+ Free Printables

Hello Daydreamers!

I love the letter “C” because it’s the first letter of some of my favorite treats like cake, candy, and chocolate.

These letter C worksheets are a result of tons of hours of research and design. I am sure they will provide an enjoyable learning experience for your child. With over 55 engaging and interactive worksheets, your child will have ample opportunities to practice and perfect their understanding of the letter C.

From coloring and tracing to word and number recognition, these worksheets cover all aspects of learning the letter C.

All these pages are in PDF format and designed to be printed on letter-sized paper. I tried my best to utilize the space but also give you enough room to perforate them and use a binder.

Feel free to print as many copies of the worksheets as you need for teaching purposes. However, please note that selling or claiming them as your own is prohibited. If you know of any fellow moms or teachers who would like to use them, please share the link to this article with them.

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There are two ways to download the worksheets:

  1. Click on the page you want to download to open a new window with a PDF format, then proceed to print from that window.
  2. Trigger a download to your phone or computer by clicking the yellow “Download PDF” button under each page you want to print.
letter c worksheets free printable
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Letter C – Writing Practice Sheets

Let’s start by practicing writing the uppercase and lowercase letter “C” with the “Letter C – Writing Practice Sheets”.

If you have very young children aged 2-3, you may want to start with the first sheet. I’ve also included letter formation prompts to help guide your child’s writing.

I’ve also included letter formation prompts to help guide your child’s writing.

  • Uppercase C: over around, leave it open.
  • Lowercase c: over around, leave it open.

Depending on your child’s age, they may only write a few letters, and that’s perfectly fine!

I am also being very purposeful in including ASL on my worksheets.

I’ve provided a few different options for these writing sheets so you can offer some variety and keep things engaging.

Cursive C – Writing Practice Sheets

Next, we have the “Cursive C – Writing Practice Sheets” that include letter formation prompts to guide your child while learning to write cursive uppercase and lowercase “C.”

Kids are not taught cursive writing as much as before, but it has been found to be beneficial for building fine motor skills and activating a distinct part of the brain compared to regular writing.

After your child colors and traces the first worksheet, you can have them cut small pieces of paper and glue them to fit the letters.

Every writing practice sheet has a different illustration to keep things interesting.

Printing one of these worksheets can also give you extra ideas. For instance, you can do a small lesson about the city where you live in.

I’ve also included the ASL sign for the cursive C.

Find, Color, and Circle Worksheets

The “Find, Color, and Circle Worksheets” are great for younger students as they don’t take much time but, are fun, engaging, and will help your child master the letter “C.”

Tip: If you’re in a one-to-one setting, allow the child to use a special marker so that they feel extra special when completing the activity.

Illustration-based learning is so much fun; my kids love it, and I am sure yours will, too!

I also have a different worksheet with the lowercase c because kids learn with repetition. Both sheets have other illustrations to spark curiosity in your kids.

Dot markers (affiliate link) are another way to help children learn their letters, and you can pay attention to what your child likes, as it will help you tailor their learning as they grow.

Line Tracing Practice With Emphasis in Letter C

Line tracing worksheets are an excellent way to help develop your child’s fine motor skills.

It is a great idea to have your young children practice line tracing before they begin with letter tracing. The line tracing worksheets below focus on the letter “C,” providing a fun way to introduce your child to this letter.

As you scroll down, the worksheets become a bit more challenging, but they remain enjoyable and different from the previous one.

You can have the students use different colors on each line, and at the end, with supervision, have them cut through the dotted line.

Tip: Help the child identify the words that start with “C.”

Letter C Puzzles

Puzzles can be very beneficial for the mind as they can enhance memory, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and reduce stress levels.

I included a puzzle for the uppercase and lowercase c. However, if your child loves puzzles, I have a puzzle for each letter.

You can print out the puzzle pieces, laminate them, and then cut them out. This way, your child can practice the letter ‘c’ while also gaining all the benefits I just mentioned.

Letter C Maze Worksheets

Mazes are an excellent way to develop problem-solving and cognitive skills in children. They encourage creative thinking, improve memory, and teach patience and perseverance.

The following mazes are for children aged 5+. They are easy but also challenging, so your students will gain confidence as they practice.

The following maze is shaped in the form of an uppercase C.

This one is shaped in the form of a lowercase c.

See if your student can deduct that before you point it out!

If your child needs practice writing, you can print this maze and use it as a reward after they finish. Kids, by nature, love mazes and labyrinths.

I also have some classic mazes.

  • Help the chicken get to the baby chick.
  • Help the cow get to the baby calf.

At this point, you can watch a couple of videos about cows and calves. What they eat, how they sleep. You can explain to your child that cows have four stomachs, and other cool cow facts.

Read and Match Worksheets

Have the student color the pictures and match them with the right word.

If the child doesn’t know how to read, he may need your help. You can read the words to them and encourage them to repeat them after you. This can help them improve their vocabulary and language skills while enjoying the activity.

Tip: Introduce your student to the “CH” phonogram.

Cut and Glue or Memory Game

The following worksheets can be used in different ways.

I first designed them to have the child color, cut, and then glue the illustration on the right word.

You can also use them as a memory game by printing the worksheets twice.

Start with the number of sheets your child has the attention span for. Kids learn at every moment of the day, so it shouldn’t feel like a chore for them.

I Spy Worksheets for letter C

“I Spy” games are a fantastic way for your little ones to master concepts while also having fun!

Encourage your child to color and count the different pictures that start with the letter “C,” and then write the number at the bottom of the page. This game is perfect for restaurants, road trips, or any time you want to keep your child entertained while also helping them learn.

Identify the Different Image Worksheets

I enjoy helping my children develop their cognitive skills by incorporating other subjects. This activity involves identifying which illustration is different from the rest.

All illustrations begin with the letter C.

If the student is struggling to identify the letter C, the following worksheet may help. The worksheet requires them to identify the different variations of the letter C.

Oh, and I also made one with the uppercase C.

Coloring Pages for Letter C

Coloring is a practical teaching tool for children. These worksheets are beautifully designed, and some include sections for practicing writing skills.

I loved the “C is for Color” so much I wanted to color it myself. I also included a “C is for Christmas” with the nativity scene!

Tip: Ask your kids questions as they color one of these worksheets! Here are some examples:

  • If you could get a piece of candy from this page, which one would you eat?
  • Would you like to live in a castle?
  • What car would you drive?
  • All these cats are so cute; which one is your favorite?
  • What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

It’s incredible how much you can teach your child from just one page.

Letter C Flashcards

Learning doesn’t always happen at the table. Sometimes, snuggling up on the couch and looking up some flashcards is the way to go!

Print, laminate, and cut them to reinforce the letter C wherever you go.

All these flashcard worksheets include examples of both the uppercase and lowercase C.

Color, Letter, and Number Recognition Worksheets

Teach your little ones numbers, color, and the letter C simultaneously. The beauty of teaching small children is that everything is interlaced, making things more interesting.

If your little one is still learning his colors, the following colorful worksheet will be a great tool to reinforce the letter C, colors, and numbers.

On the following worksheet, your child will practice counting, identifying the uppercase from the lowercase C, and picking the right color.

Instruct the student to draw a line to match the number of “C”s correctly.

Word Search

Find the words that start with the letter C.

Are you planning on going on a long trip? Print a couple of these, and hand them over to your child.

Word search activities are entertaining; they help with spelling, improve concentration, keep the brain active, and help develop problem-solving skills.

I included three different worksheets because one is just too little for how amusing they are.

That’s it!

So there you have it – a variety of fun and engaging “C worksheets” to use with your students or children. Don’t forget to keep things interesting by mixing and matching different worksheets and illustrations.

Happy teaching!