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Letter B Worksheets – 55+ Free Printables

Hello Daydreamers!

Bee, boat, bugs, ballerina, bread, and baby are just a few of the words I have been working on within my letter B worksheets for the past couple of weeks.

I have included over 55 worksheets to help your child master the letter B. You can print as many pages as you want for your child, student, or homeschooling co-op.

All these pages are in PDF format and designed to be printed on letter-sized paper. I tried my best to utilize the space but also give you enough room to perforate them and use a binder.

letter b worksheets featured image

Feel free to print as many copies of the worksheets as you need for teaching purposes. However, please note that selling or claiming them as your own is prohibited. If you know of any fellow moms or teachers who would like to use them, please share the link to this article with them.

There are two ways to download the worksheets:

  1. Click on the page you want to download to open a new window in PDF format. Then, proceed to print from that window.
  2. Trigger a download to your phone or computer by clicking the yellow “Download PDF” button under each page you want to print.
Featured image for letter b worksheets free printables
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Letter B – Writing Practice Sheets

Practice makes perfect! Let’s begin practicing writing the letter B. I prepared both uppercase and lowercase writing practice sheets for your student.

I’ve also included letter formation prompts to help guide your child’s writing.

  • Uppercase B: Down, around in, out and around.
  • Lowercase b: Down, over around.

Depending on your child’s age, it’s perfectly fine if they only write a few letters.

I’ve provided a few different options for these practice sheets so you can offer some variety and keep things interesting.

On some of these writing practice worksheets, you will find an added component that aims to spark your student’s curiosity.

If you have very young children, 2-3, you may want to start with something short, like the following practice sheet.

big letter b worksheet free printable

Cursive B – Writing Practice Sheets

Next, we have the “Cursive B – Writing Practice Sheets” that include letter formation prompts to guide your child while learning to write cursive uppercase and lowercase “B.”

Kids nowadays are not taught cursive writing as much as before. However, it is still considered very beneficial since it helps develop fine motor skills and can activate a distinct part of the brain compared to regular writing.

Although similar to the previous B sheets, each has a different illustration.

cursive letter b worksheet free printable

I also included the letter formation prompt so you can guide your student while he learns how to write the cursive b.

  • Cursive uppercase B: Swing up, down, up, around in, out, around.
  • Cursive lowercase b: Swing way up, loop back down, up around, loop back, swing up.
B is for building. Cursive letter b worksheet  free printable

Printing one of these worksheets can also give you extra ideas. For instance, you can do a small lesson about the most prominent buildings in the world.

B is for ballerina. Cursive letter b worksheet  free printable

I’ve also included the ASL sign for the letter b on the cursive practice sheet.

asl cursive letter b free printable

After your child colors and traces the worksheet, you can have them cut small pieces of paper and glue them to fit the letters.

cursive letter b free printable

Find, Color, and Circle – Letter B Worksheets

The “Find, Color, and Circle Worksheets” are great for younger students as they don’t take much time but emphasize the letter “B.”

find and circle uppercase b free printable

Tip: If you’re in a one-to-one setting, allow the child to use a unique marker to feel extra special when completing the activity.

find and circle lowercase b free printable

Dot markers (affiliate link) are another way to help children learn their letters, and you can pay attention to what your child likes, as it will help you tailor their learning as they grow.

color dots uppercase b free printable
color dots lowercase b free printable

Illustration-based learning is so much fun; my kids love it, and I am sure yours will, too!

color pictures start with letter b free printable

I also have a different worksheet with the lowercase b because kids learn with repetition. Both sheets have other illustrations to spark curiosity in your kids.

Line Tracing Practice With Emphasis in Letter B

Line tracing worksheets are an excellent way to help develop your child’s fine motor skills.

It’s a good idea to have your little ones practice line tracing before they even get started with letter tracing.

The following line tracing worksheets emphasize the letter “B,” so you can expose your child to this letter in a fun way.

line tracing letter b free printable
line tracing letter b free printable
line tracing letter b free printable

They get a bit more complicated as you scroll down, but they’re still entertaining and unique.

line tracing letter b free printable

You can have the students use different colors on each line, and at the end, with supervision, have them cut through the dotted line.

line tracing letter b free printable

Help the child identify the words that start with “B.”

Letter B Puzzles

Puzzles benefit the mind by enhancing memory, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and reducing stress.

Print, laminate, and cut around the puzzle pieces and have your child practice his letter b, all while gaining all the benefits I just mentioned.

I included a puzzle for the uppercase and lowercase b. However, if your child loves puzzles, I have a puzzle for each letter.

Letter B Maze Worksheets

Mazes are a fantastic way to instill problem-solving and cognitive skills in your kids. They help children think outside the box, sharpen memory, and teach patience and dedication.

The following mazes are for children aged 5+. They are easy but challenging, so your students will gain confidence as they practice.

The following maze is shaped in the form of an uppercase B.

kids maze shaped uppercase letter b free printable

This one is shaped in the form of a lowercase b.

See if your student can deduct that before you point it out!

kid's maze shaped lowercase b free printable

If you want your child to practice writing while having fun with mazes, consider printing the following maze. It can serve as a prize once they finish working on their writing.

Kids, by nature, love mazes and labyrinths.

writing letter b and maze free printable

I also have other mazes.

  • Help the bees get to the beehive.
  • Help the boy get to the ball.

I think bees are one of the most exciting animals out there. Although I am a bit nervous around them, I am genuinely fascinated.

Take a chance to teach your kids about bees when teaching them about the letter B.

help the bees get to the beehive maze free printable

I love the following maze; I have two boys who love chasing balls!

help the boy find the ball maze free printable

Read and Match Letter B Worksheets

Have the student color the pictures and match them with the right word.

color and match words that start with B free printable worksheet

If the child doesn’t know how to read, he may need your help. You can read the words to them and encourage them to repeat them after you. This can help them improve their vocabulary and language skills while enjoying the activity.

color and match words that start with B free printable worksheet

Cut and Glue or Memory Game for Letter B

The following worksheets can be used in different ways.

I first designed them to have the child color, cut, and then glue the illustration on the right word. You can also use them as a memory game by printing the worksheets twice.

I never thought of how many sports start with the letter b, so I made an entire sheet with this in mind.

There’s also yummy food that starts with the letter b!

Ask your student what he likes the best.

Start with the number of sheets your child has the attention span for. Kids learn at every moment of the day, so it shouldn’t feel like a chore for them.

I Spy Worksheets for letter B

Make the most of your child’s time and learning by playing the fun ‘I Spy’ game.

Encourage them to color and count the different pictures that start with the letter ‘B’ and write the number at the bottom of the page.

I spy words that start with the letter b free printable

This activity is perfect for keeping children engaged and entertained while dining out or on road trips.

I spy words that start with the letter b free printable

Identify the Different Image Worksheets

I enjoy helping my children develop their cognitive skills by incorporating other subjects. This activity involves identifying which illustration is different from the rest.

Identify different image that starts with b worksheet free printable

All illustrations begin with the letter B, and they are challenging enough for a 2-4 year old. Although, my almost 6-year-old loves them and likes to point out the differences as I design them.

Identify different image that starts with b worksheet free printable
Identify different image that starts with b worksheet free printable

If the student struggles to identify the letter B, the following worksheet may help. The worksheet requires them to identify the different variations of the letter B.

Identify different uppercase b worksheet free printable

Oh, and I also made one with the lowercase b

Identify different lowercase b worksheet free printable

Coloring Pages for Letter B

Coloring is an excellent tool for teaching children. The following worksheets are beautifully designed, and some of them include sections for practicing writing skills.

I have five different coloring pages for the letter B.

  • B is for bee
  • B is for bugs
  • B is for ball
  • B is for ballet
  • B is for bakery
b is for bee coloring page free printable

It’s incredible how much you can teach your child from just one page.

For example, take the “B is for Bugs” worksheet. You can teach your kids about all sort of bugs, where they live, what they like to eat, and why they have certain colors.

b is for bugs coloring page free printable
b is for ball coloring page free printable
b is for ballet coloring page free printable

I also love the “B is for Bakery” worksheet. I have a sweet tooth and I love visiting bakeries. For some reason they make me feel special and cozy.

Engage the student by asking what their preferred choice of pastry would be?

b is for bakery coloring page free printable

Letter B Flashcards

Learning doesn’t always happen at the table. Sometimes, going on a picnic with some flashcards can be more than enough to teach your little ones about a certain topic.

letter b flashcards free printable

Print, laminate, and cut the following flashcards to bring on the go, or to mix things up!

letter b flashcards free printable

All of these flashcard worksheets have examples of the uppercase and lowercase B.

letter b flashcards free printable

Letter B – Color, Letter, and Number Recognition Worksheets

Teach your little ones numbers, color, and the letter B simultaneously. The beauty of teaching small children is that everything is interlaced, making things more enjoyable.

Instruct the student to draw a line to match the number of Bs.

Match numbers with right amount uppercase B free printable
Match numbers with right amount lowercase b free printable

On the following worksheet, your child will practice counting, identifying the uppercase from the lowercase b, and picking the right color.

If your children love color, they will love the following worksheet.

letter b number and color recognition free printable

Letter B – Word Search

Find the words that start with the letter b.

Word search activities can be a fun and engaging way to improve spelling, concentration, and problem-solving skills while keeping the brain active.

Are you planning on going on a long trip? Print a couple of these, and hand them over to your child.

word search for words that start with the letter b free printable

I included three different worksheets because one is just too little for how amusing they are.

That’s it!

So there you have it – a variety of fun and engaging “B worksheets” to use with your students or children. Don’t forget to keep things interesting by mixing and matching different worksheets and illustrations.

Happy learning!