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Free Printable Turkey Headband, Ties And Bracelets Craft

Thanksgiving is coming!

What a great time to be thankful for all things – YES, even the bad ones – In Colombia, where I am from, we don’t celebrate this precious Holiday. What a bummer, right? I love everything that involves: family, food, the act of being grateful, and did I mention food? lol!

I wanted to bring a really cute and complete craft for this holiday. One that your kids would enjoy and look super duper cute! This is the Free Printable Turkey Headband, Ties And Bracelets Craft I came up with!

I am so excited to share it with you!

Are you ready?

Turkey Headband, Ties and Bracelets printable with markers
Your kids will love this Thanksgiving Craft! They will look so CUTE and ADORABLE with them!

Free Printable Turkey Headband, Ties And Bracelets Craft

Get the Thanksgiving Headband, Ties & Bracelets Craft Black &White here

The color version is on my free printables library!

I want to add true value to your life… I’ve created a great library for you to download this printable and hundreds more. You can access and download them for FREE!

Have any doubts? You can learn more about it here or see a little preview at the end of this post!

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The materials you are going to need are very simple!

Marker, scissors, and three worksheet printables to make Turkey Headband, Ties and Bracelets.
All the materials you need to make this adorable Thanksgiving craft!
  • Printer – I finally was able to get my color printer, and I am loving it.
  • Free Printable Thanksgiving Headband, Ties & Bracelets Craft (Download below)
  • Colors, Markers, Crayons, or anything you have on hand if you print the black and white printable. I personally love these crayola ones.
  • Scissors
  • Glue, or tape. (I used double tape and It worked beautifully)
  • Colored Paper (Optional)
  • Twine or any other sort of cord for the ties

Step 1

Print the Turkey headband, ties and bracelets. Be free to print the one in color or B&W. Everything depends on what you want to accomplish, the time and resources you have.

turkey headband, ties and bracelet printables
Thanksgiving craft is free to print! Just click here.

Get the printable along with hundreds more!


Step 2

If you print the black and white printable, color it! This time, I decided to print in color 😛

For the Headband:

Cut the turkey, measure your child’s head, and cut pieces of colored paper as I show in the photo down below. Then with glue, or tape (I prefer double tape), attach them to the turkey headband!

red construction paper made for the headband to use for turkey craft
Double tape works best for the headband!

Doesn’t it look cute!!!!

Cut out Turkey headband with yellow, red and orange feathers.
Adorable Turkey headband for the kids to wear for Thanksgiving!

For the bracelets:

Cut the bracelets and put them on your little one’s wrist. I used double tape as well since there’s no need to wait till it dries.

turkey bracelet craft wrapped around arm, with printables in the background

For the ties:

At the top of the ties, there are two little circles. Carefully, with a pen or needle, make holes and insert and tie twine.

completed Thanksgiving project which includes turkey headband, bracelet and tie, colored with markers
Isn’t this Thanksgiving craft adorable? Your kids will look so precious!


Your crafts is ready… I am sure your kids will look so precious 🙂

Take this time to teach your child a little bit more about Thanksgiving Day and why we should be grateful!

Here are some questions…

  • What do we celebrate on Thanksgiving Day?
  • What things are you thankful for?
  • Should we be thankful, even for the bad things?

What did your kids say? Did they like these crafts?… Please, please, please! Let me know on the comments below, I can’t wait to know

Behind The Scenes…

Want to know what goes behind these crafts?…. Tons of work 😉

Every project and craft you find here, I design and try myself! It’s my joy to bless you with the best of me! I hope you enjoy and your family enjoys it.

photo room where Thanksgiving craft was created
Pinnable Image Printable Thanksgiving Craft which include Turkey Headband, Ties and Bracelets