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Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Isn’t it? Oh! How I love Christmas. It’s a time to share, to love, but, over all, it’s a time to remember the birth of our amazing savior, JESUS!

Last year I made this cute DIY Baby Christmas Tree, go check it out. I am sure your kids will love this craft as well. This time, I wanted to bring you something that reflected Jesus! And the result are these Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable.

I hope you and your kids enjoy this activity!

colored printable for nativity scene character puppets with markers
Your kids will have so much fun with these super cute and meaningful Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printables

Are you ready? Let’s get started

Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable

I am so happy you are here. Behind every piece of work you see on my blog, there are tons of hours of work. And It’s my joy that you get to spend time with your kids doing something fun.


The materials you need are very simple and most likely you have them on hand.

Markets and printable of Baby Jesus, Joseph Mary and the 3 Kings colored with markers of the Nativity
All the materials you need to complete Christmas Story Stick Puppets
  • Printer + Paper
  • Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable (Download Below)
  • Colors, Crayons or Markers if you print black and white version. I Personally love these crayola markers
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle Craft Sticks, you can find an amazing deal here
  • Glue or glue stick

Step 1

I have provided you with 2 options. Color and Black and white printables. Depending on your time, resources, and your child’s needs, you can print either one. I chose the color one.

free printables colored or black and white of the nativity scene

You can download them at the end of the instructions.

Step 2

If you printed the black and white version, color the characters. Once you’re done, cut them up as show in the picture below.

markers, Popsicle Sticks, glue and Cut out printables of the characters and animals in the Nativity Scene
The Christmas nativity scene printable comes in both colored or black and white.

Step 3

Glue the characters to the Popsicle sticks.

Here is my experience. When you have liquid glue, the color of your characters will get a little wet and lose some of the real color. If I could go back, I would use a stick glue for this part. However, I am sure your kid won’t care at all 😛

gluing the Nativity characters onto the popsicle sticks
Glue sticks work best for this Christmas project

Step 4 – Optional

To add more fun, build a little house with the Popsicle sticks. For this, you do need normal glue.

Nativity Scene house built out of popsicle sticks on a white card board stock paper
Normal glue works best for this next step.

Step 5

Have fun and let your little ones play around with the puppets!

Holding up Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph an Angel colored printable puppet sticks
This is a great project for the kids during Christmastime!

This is a perfect time for you to interact with your children and teach them about Jesus!

Here are some questions:

  • Who is the baby?
  • Why is Jesus so important for us?
  • Who is your favorite character?
  • Do you know Jesus loves you so much?

The sky is the limit. It’s so refreshing to listen kids’ replies. Sometimes they come up with things we are not expecting at all!

Get your Free Printables

  • Download the Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable in Color HERE.
  • Download the Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable in Black & White HERE.

Before you go…

I want to add true value to your life… I’ve created a great library for you to download this printable and hundreds more. You can access and download them for FREE!

Have any doubts? You can learn more about it here or see a little preview at the end of this post!

This library is a big deal and once you see it. It will be your first choice to go when you are looking for FREE resources.



What did you guys think?

Did your kids like this activity. What were their answers?

Please let me know by commenting down below.

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Your kids will have so much fun with these super cute and meaningful Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printables


Sunday 2nd of January 2022

Happy New Year! Your ideas are great and easy for my kids! Thanks a lot !!!