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Nursery Closet Dividers Free Printables


Aren’t they perfect?

I am actually nursing mine while I write this post, Talk about multitasking!

There’s something common on all babies in the world! They grow so fast, mine is already 14 weeks old and I am holding onto every moment I have with him.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my little bundle I was blessed with many things; toys, blankets, clothes, etc!

As things kept – and keep – coming I was finding my self a little overwhelmed by the fact that I didn’t know how to organize his closet (AKA our closet, we live in a tiny apartment).

In order to tackle this problem, I decided to create some nursery closet dividers not only for me but also for you! Let me tell ya something they are adorable, stylish and best of all FREE FOR YOU!

Purple nursery closet divider.

Nursery Closet Dividers Free Printables

I am so excited you’re getting these dividers! I spent a good amount of time creating and designing them for you!

Plus you will have 4 different options to choose! Yes, you heard right, you can get them in color and black and white with the sizes and/or color and black and white in blank 🙂

How cool is that!

Ready for some fun?

What You Get

These Nursery Closet dividers are very cool and complete.

  • Colors and Black & White with sizes from NB to 24 months.
  • Colors and Black and White with blank spaces so you can add whatever is that you want (pants, shirts, to donate, etc).
Different closet dividers to use in baby's closet. In color, black and white, with and without letter.

How to do it?

Simply download the file you want and cut the dividers around and the circle inside of each rectangle. (You can download them at the end of this post)

In order to get to the circle, you must cut the divider, that’s ok! You will use that opening to hang them.

Green Nursery closet divider

What do You Think?

Did these printables make your life easier for you? They sure did for me! I hope you like them! If there’s something you would like me to design let me know in the comments down below!

Download Your Printables

These printables are for personal use only! I work really hard to get them out to you! Please don’t resell my work without my permission.


Just so you know, I also have a library full of free SVG files and Printables for all my subscribers, a.k.a. Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling out this form.

Little Behind The Scenes

Here’s a little behind the scenes while I take the shots for this post. Just so you know I am just like you, a mom, that needs sleep and a cup of coffee at all times of the day! 😛

Baby laying down on the floor while I take photos of this article.

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Pinnable image nursery closet dividers.


Monday 23rd of July 2018

thank you for your effort. I'll use the cards for my baby.


Tuesday 24th of July 2018

Hi Zhera! I am very happy you get to use these dividers for your baby! Thank you for leaving a comment behind. It makes my day :)